Alexander Technique Classes

I occasionally offer Alexander Technique Classes.

Currently I am taking a break from these.

When I do run them again, they will likely be along a similar framework as previously, which was:

Classes are designed to maximise the benefit you can gain from working in a group, while smaller classes also allow plenty of time for individual attention. A typical class comprises one x 1.5 hour session per week for 6 weeks. Smaller 6-week group classes (typically 4-6 participants) have a fee of $350 per person. You can secure your place with a $100 deposit when you book. As class numbers are limited,  please book early.

Please feel free to create your own group (small or large) – I will be happy to discuss venue and timing to suit. The per person price for larger classes will depend on the size of the class.

The Alexander Technique is a gentle process of postural re-education that offers a great way for people to become more aware of how they use their body and how they can use it better, such as:

  • Reducing back and neck pain or ‘niggles’
  • Improving balance and coordination
  • Increasing ease and freedom of movement
  • Optimising postural support
  • Helping with asthma and breathing
  • Improving singing, presenting, sporting and acting performances
  • Enhancing a sense of well-being

Who should come


…. who has an interest in learning more about their body, how they move and how to move differently to find more ease and calm within their body. This approach is especially useful for those who are looking for improved ways of going about their life, work, sport or music.

If you’ve come to earlier classes and want to continue, please come along. All classes are different, depending on who is in the group and what they want to work on. I am¬† continually updating my skills and enjoy offering fresh, new ways of working with my group classes.